Traditionally, the “conterie” are priceless pearls of Venice, minute, colorful and bright, pulled in more or less subtle, solid or perforated rods.
According to legend the production of glass beads in Venice began in the thirteenth century. From that time generations and families have handed down the processing of the glass beads. The “impiraresse”, the ladies who inserted the tiny little Venetian beads into threads which were then sold worldwide, worked from home for the CONTERIE, the glass bead factories of Murano.
The impiraresse worked scattered throughout the city, but it was easier to see them in the popular district of CASTELLO, one of the six areas into which the city of Venice is divided into, and where our flats are. From here the name of our apartments Le Conterie Blu e Rosse, the two colors which caratherize particularly the tonality of their furnitures.
Photo credits
Fondo Fotografico Tomaso Filippi presso IRE (Istituzioni di ricovero e di educazione Venezia)

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